Pump N Pantry was founded in 1975, and has been active in the community throughout the company’s history. During the twenty first century, Pump N Pantry has continued to support the communities where our customers and employees live and work.

Pump N Pantry often offers support during the early stages of an organization’s life, then moves on to support another project as the young organization secures additional sponsors and funding.

Organizations We’ve Previously Donated to

Montrose Pump N Pantry Theatre to the Montrose Restoration Committee

One of the earliest pledges to the Endless Mountains Health Systems new building project

Early support to the Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains

Early support of such festivals as the Artists Open House Weekend

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life

The Apple Festival

The Montrose Wine and Chocolate Festival

Pump N Pantry continues to support community charities such as libraries, literacy programs, women’s advocacy groups, fire departments, youth organizations and teams, and local branches of organizations such as the Red Cross, Cistric Fibrosis, and the American Cancer Society.