For nearly 40 years Pump N Pantry has made a commitment to invest in the communities where we have our stores, and where our customers and employees live. Pump N Pantry earnestly considers each donation request when made by a local non-profit organization. However, due to the volume of requests received each year, Pump N Pantry is unable to donate or respond to every request.

Guidelines for submitting Donation/Sponsorship Request:

  • Request must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the date that your donation is needed.
  • Requests are ONLY accepted online. Phone call and dropped off flyer request will not be considered.
  • All requests must demonstrate how Pump N Pantry will be recognized for the donation.
  • All requests will be reviewed within 30 days of submission.
  • If your requests is granted, you will be contacted via email.
  • Please refrain from calling or dropping-in at a Pump N Pantry or Corporate Office to check on the status of your request.
  • If you do not hear back within a week of your request being needed, your request has not been approved.

Please note the following are ineligible for contributions:

Events that do not benefit a charity
Individual Competitions, such as beauty pageants
Race teams and car clubs
Companies receiving a percentage of the money raised
Political entities

If your charity would like to make a qualified donation request please complete the questionnaire below at least 30 days before the requested donation date.