PNP Credit Card

  • FleetCor Technologies Operating Company, LLC ("FleetCor") operates the Mannatec Corporate Fleet card (“Mannatec”) program. By signing this application, I represent and warrant that I am duly authorized to request that a Mannatec account be created on behalf of my company identified above (“Applicant”). FleetCor is hereby authorized to check Applicant’s credit worthiness, initially as well as from time to time, including but not limited to obtaining credit report(s), contacting the Applicant’s bank, and obtaining trade references. Applicant acknowledges that this application is subject to approval and acceptance by FleetCor. If this application is approved, then the Applicant’s Authorized Representative listed above will be notified of the account’s available credit limit, the acceptable payment terms & method, and any applicable program fees. Program details will be provided in the account agreement that will be delivered along with the cards to the Authorized Representative. Applicant acknowledges that the fleet card program is not a revolving credit account and that any purchases made during the billing cycle are due and payable in full, including any applicable fees, upon receipt of the billing statement. If the Applicant’s unpaid balance ever exceeds the established credit line, the account will incur a fee and may be suspended and the Applicant’s credit history may be reported to credit reporting agencies. Applicant’s acceptance, signing, in whatever form, or use of any of the cards provided to the Applicant will constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this application and the account agreement. Applicant agrees that any liability arising or resulting from the misuse, unauthorized or fraudulent use, loss or theft of any of the cards issued to the company’s account shall be fully borne, assumed and paid by the Applicant. If FleetCor uses an attorney or collection agency to collect an unpaid overdue amount, the Applicant agrees to pay reasonable attorney and/or collection fees. Applicant agrees that the account will be governed by Utah law and that the cards are for business/commercial use only and never used for personal or household purposes and agrees that use of the cards for consumer or household purposes shall be grounds for immediate termination of the Applicant’s account.
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